It is time to say goodbye

After days and weeks thinking over this, I have discussed with the Co admins that it is time to close down the group. It pains me to do so, but hey, we lasted an entire year. It is something not many groups manage to do so.

We had great times here, I surely had. Besides the little problems now and then but that didn’t stop us.

Perhaps one day I will re-open this masterlist and make something new out of it. For now, it’s definitely closed down until further notice. No reserves, hiatuses or anything like that.

If you wish to keep contacting me, remember my personal blog. You will also find me on indies and on the new masterlist called Pesadelo. I love you guys, I hope to see you guys around again and have crazy fun once more.

— Admin & Co.

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#PM update 

Activity check

  • Ash, Lugia, Jellicient, Palkia, Keldeo, Reshiram, your hiatus has ended. You have three days to return.
  • Wally has been removed for inactivity.
demondeloupearchives sent: semi hiatus on jirachi pls

Hiatused until 27th July.

- Giratina

wherethecherryblossomsdance sent: Hello! I would like to request having Cassandra (Chandelure) put on hiatus, please. School decided to kick my butt for the next few weeks. Thank you!

Hiatused until 25th July.

- Giratina

The event has ended!

Thank you kindly everyone for participating!

zeblitz sent: Extend hiatus on Milotic please and thank you. uwu

Extended until 30th July uwu

- Giratina

freezingwuji sent: Take the hiatus off Kyurem, please.


- Giratina

Activity check

  • Yuki has been removed for inactivity and is available again.
  • Wally, Shauntal it’s been two weeks. You have until tomorrow to return.
  • Ho-Oh, your hiatus ends tomorrow.
  • Kyurem, your hiatus has ended. You have three days to return.
crunkchan sent: Brenda-mun would like to extend her haitus on Brenda and Yveltal, and she'd like to drop Ruby. Her laptop's been dead and she only has access through her Kindle Fire. She also says- "hello u nigs ilu k." Thank you!

Ugugugu tell her we miss her uwu

Dropped and extended until 25th July.

- Giratina

The Event is officially on!

All the characters that will participate, please change your avatars with the respective character yours swapped minds with!

Let’s all have fun!